Meet the Girls

Paws on Keys
A Music Boarding School for Sesquipedalians

"Where are my glasses?"

Karen (#13), 9 years old since 1959, founder of Paws on Keys, began by teaching her cats to play piano, and then her dolls.

"Words spoken in anger are never from the heart."

Lissie (Felicity) spent the first 15 years of her life standing on a dresser.  She got tired of standing there and decided to go do stuff instead.

"You only have to practice on the days you eat."

Ivy, adopted from a Thrift Shop, is now happily running things behind the scenes at Paws on Keys.

"A kitten a day, keeps the blues away!"

Rose (Caroline) named for the character in Rose In Bloom takes care of the kittens at Paws on Keys.

"It's nice to be important, but, 

it is more important to be nice!"

Lula (Ruthie), once the Sweetheart of Basic High in the 1940s, she came to Paws on Keys to live out her dreams.  

~Patricia Lula Bailey 1929-2011~

"There are no social butterflies among 
wall flowers!  Get out there and make it happen."

Bea (Rebecca), always wanted to attend an all girls' school.  And now she is!

~Vernie Beatrice "Bea" Crabb, 1899-1990~

"Que sera, sera.  What ever will be, will be."

Kitty (Kit), followed Karen out of an American Girl store in Dallas.  Best friends for life.  She is a professional Doris Day impersonator.

"Follow your heart, and keep that garlic-butter 
away from my pet lobster!"

Cecie (Cécile), named for St. Cecilia, patron saint of music, came to Paws on Keys on a whim and has never regretted it.

"If you can dream it, you can do it!"

Nannerl (Marie-Grace), transfer student from Mionebeast Academy, transferred to Paws on Keys when she learned her best friend Cecie was there.

"Keep calm, darlings, I'm here!"

Elizabeth took the long way home from 1774 and finally made it to Paws on Keys to be reunited with her best friend, Lissie.


On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, Janet (Josefina), our Navajo girl, wandered into Paws on Keys.  (Actually the minis found her wandering in the desert.)

"Don't worry if your dreams are bigger than you,
you'll grow into them."

Sylvia (#55) and Vivian (Molly) are two sisters from Alabama who have come to Paws on Keys to see what all the fun is about! 

"Don't let the muggles get you down."

Tammy (#33) almost didn't make it, but, thanks to the Zulilly Foundation, received a scholarship to continue her education at Paws on Keys.

Hey, Bean! What's cooking?

Maryellen popped in and decided to stay as a best friend for Karen.


And then there are the minis -- that is a whole other story!