Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Dizzy Experience!

Ruthie - American Girl Doll

Hello, dear friends!  Today we decided attend piano lessons.  Little did we know how much our help would be needed....

Karen:  Time for lessons to start!  Got the composers all lined up!  Beethoven is wearing the lobster hat today.

Karen:  The piano sounds beautiful now that it has been tuned.  And here comes our first student....

Rose:  I'll turn over the 1/2 hour glass!

Miss Aly playing "Kites in the Sky."  Nice Cross-over, Aly!

Aly:  Oh No!!!  Miss Karen lost her balance! 

Karen:  Ohhhh... ohhhh.... I feel so dizzy!   I think I will just close my eyes, put my feet up and quietly lie here.
Lula:  Not to worry, Karen.  Have a pleasant nap.  I will finish Aly's lesson.  

Lula:  Here is your new piece, Aly, "Flute of the Andes."  Can you find your starting position?

Lula:  Exellent!  

Lula:  We will use these cute little animals to help learn the piece.  Can you play the first two measures three times correctly?  When you can, the little panda will cross over to the other side of the piano.  She how many little animals you can earn.

Lula:  Way to go, Aly!  High Five!

Lissie:  Wow, Lula, you are a really good teacher!
Lula:  It's not hard when you have good students, like Aly, who practice all week.
Ivy:  Next week, let's try duets!
Karen:  Maybe with Dizzy Gillespie!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Story in the Upper Story

Miss Felicity

Happy National Jelly Bean Day!  Just in case you didn't know....jelly beans are my one weakness.  I love jelly beans!  

Today I am going to show you how our dollhouse is coming along.  It is just the right size for sesquipadalians and we love it!

A perfect house for sesquipedalians.

You can't miss it.  You see it as you come into our peoples' house.  We like the location because we can see what is going on at piano lessons.  Sometimes we even have other sesquipedalians visit us!
This week our resident carpenter (Mr. Bush) added on the upper walls for our music room.  We are thinking of having a chandalier made to hang over the piano.  What do you think?

Miss Phebe and Miss Lula visit.
Miss Felicity and Miss Lula visiting in the music room in their federal costumes.  
Our little dolls are playing "Heart and Soul on the piano, as the cats, Freckles and Butterball, and puppy, Bach, listen.
The picture on the piano is our favorite composer, Hoagy Carmichael.
Lula has inherited the picture on the wall, a painting by Mike Hickman.

Rose and Ivy are in the dining room with our little bird, Alouette, and our chihuaha, Tremelo.  Don't you just love the Lady Bug carpet we found?  We are going shopping to look for antique butter pat dishes.  Maybe some shelves on the wall above our hutch?

Rose and Ivy with their little dog Tremelo and bird Allouette
Rose and Ivy are getting Tremelo to sit up.  The little bird, Allouette is singing sweet songs in his cage.

Karen is trying on hats in the powder room.  She adores hats.  She thinks this one will do just fine to wear to church.

Karen loves wearing hats!
Karen:  I'm ready for spring!  
Now to go out and see pop-corn popping on the Apricot trees!

And of course, we find our mischievous Isabelle playing in the hat box!

I adore hat boxes!  So fun to play in!

Mini Caroline and Marie-Grace have our piano tip.  This week we are working on remembering the bass staff guide notes ---

Top line - A

Middle Line - D - Hey, diddle, diddle, D's in the middle!
Bottom Line - G

And of course the two dots on the bass clef tell us the F line!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Sesquipedalian Adventure - Part 2

AG 13


   Sadly, we had to return home without little Tiny. We could not find him anywhere!  

   Then a whole week later....

Karen:  Lula, I'm sad that we could not find Tiny.  He was such a cute puppy.
Lula:  It is terrible!  That big bird, carried him off.  Remember how it chased little Josie?  Will we ever see him again?

Lula:  What is all that noise?  
Karen:  It sounds like it is outside.  Let's go look!

Woof!  Yip, Yip!!!
Rose:  Do you hear that scary noise? 
Ivy:  It might be the Big Bad Wolf!  

Lula:  The Big Bird!  

Karen:  It sounds like Dogs!  I think I've heard that yip before!

Phebe:  I better climb up the piano and look out the window.

Rose:  Do you see anything?
Phebe:  Yes, I see PUPPIES! 

Lula and Karen:  Tiny!  and ???
Tiny:  Yip! Yip! Yip!
???:  Woof!  Woof!
What sweet puppies!  We are so glad you found your way to us!

Karen:  Lula, where do you think he has been?   How 
how did he get here?
Lula:  Oh, look!  He is trembling all over!  You are safe with us.  

Would you like to be our very own little puppies? 

Karen:  If only we could understand dog talk!  He could tell us an 

"Oh!"  said Phebe, surprised. "A doggie kiss!"

And that is how Bach and Tremelo came to the Paws on Keys Music School.