Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Sesquipedalian Adventure - Part 1

Lula is our hostess this week.

 Hi Everybody!  A special Hello to our friends Maggie and Vivian in Alabama!

Karen and I stumbled on to an adventure this week when we went to Kanab, Utah and explored the city park.

Karen:  Lula, this is an beautiful park and perfect if you are a sesquipedalian!

Lula:  Wow, Karen, that is a big word!  What does it mean?
Karen:  It means "18 inches" and therefore we are Sesquipedalians.

Karen did not notice someone in the brush as she walked by.

But someone noticed her!

Lula:  Let's rest a bit.

Karen:  I feel like we are being watched.
Lula:  Look, Karen, it's  a tiny toy Chihauhau!  

Karen:  Aww, such a  cute puppy.  Would you like to come home with us and 
be our very own puppy?  

Karen:  Oh, look,  giant bird foot prints.  I'm not sure this park is safe

for us, after all!

Karen:  Oh no!  Where is Tiny?

Lula:  Aaaahhh!  I think the giant bird got him!

To be continued.......

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Big Tree

Hello Friends!  I am so pleased to announce our new student, Lula!  She comes to us from Texas and plays the cello.

Here is Lula in her pretty "meet dress".  We were amazed at how much she looks like my mom! 

Lula wanted to see the sights, so we took a short trip out to the Wawheap Picnic Area by Lake Powell. 

And then we saw the tree....

It's a big tree, but it will it will
 give a beautiful view of the lake!

Time for some teamwork!

We can do this!

Mmmuggumhp...Upsy daisy!  
Hurry up Lula,your steppingon my hair!

Wow!  Look at the view from here!  We can see all the way to Castle Rock!
 I told you we could do it, Karen.  We CAN do hard things if we try!

Lula's Practice Tip
If there is a hard part in your music, take a small section - one or two measures - and learn each hand separately - this is like teamwork.  When the hands can each play their part, then play them together, being careful to play the correct notes.  If you need to, repeat practicing the hands separately, until together they can play correctly.  Each hand is part of a team!