Sunday, February 2, 2014

Josie Chronicles, part 2

Rose Bush

Hi Friends!  Don't worry, Josie ran fast and got away.  Our next stop was Antelope Point, on the Navajo Indian Reservation.  Saige and mini Saige went with us.

"Follow that car!"  Hee, hee, I aways wanted to say that!"

Here we are waiting for our ride down to the boat docks.

Rose! Watch out for the pedestrian!
You have to turn there!  Brake, brake!

The Big People let me drive.  Okay, okay!  The driver stepped out for a minute and I hijacked the cart.  Saige was a bit nervous.

Down at the boat docks, Mini Saige and Josie took off!

Come on Saige, you are almost to the top!

Josie and Saige did some repelling and found a mineral spring!

A little white duck sitting in the water, doing what
he oughter
Josie really liked feeding the ducks, even though the ducks and the food were bigger than her!
Whoa!  What an appetite!

Josie!  Get off that duck!

Oh, Saige, look what I see!  

Nom, nom, nom, nom......


Bon Voyage, Josie!  Have a wonderful time in California!