Friday, July 3, 2015

A Very Punny Fourth!

We have been busy all this week preparing for the Fourth of July!

Karen:  It's almost the 4th of July!  You excited, Sylvia?

Sylvia:  Yes, but fireworks scare me.  I've never seen a fire work before.  What kind of Jobs do they have?

Karen: No, you got it wrong!  It's not fires working, it's fireworks!  Like when you finally get the BBQ fire going and you're ready to grill the hamburgers, you say see, the fire works!

Lissie:  Are you guys ready for.... What are you wearing?!

Cecie:  Red, white and blue for the Fourth of July!

Nannerl:  It's a little warm but as long as we got the colors right it's all good!

Bach:  Woof!  Woof!  *Fourth of July Fail*

Ivy:  Kitty!  You're late, our Fourth of July picnic is all ready!

Kitty:  Girls!  I have terrible news!  I just got the RSVP from the ants, they can't make it!

Karen:  WHAT?  We can't have a picnic without ants!  It's against the law!

Rose:  Ok, Mini-Caroline, hold your flag up high.

Mini-Caroline: Got it.

Rose:  Now wave it back and forth.

Mini-Caroline:  Got it.

Rose:  Now put your hand over your heart.

Mini-Caroline:  You're joking right?  Our arms don't bend!

Rose:  Yeah, I'm just messing with you!  You're ready for the parade!


Bea:  This is turning out great!  It was a good idea to use the carriage for our float in our Fourth of July parade!

Sylvia:  What?  No, it wasn't!  It's a terrible idea!

Ivy:  Why do you say that?

Sylvia:  Don't Get me wrong, it's turning out lovely, but how on earth are we going to get this carriage to float?!  It's so heavy!
Have a Merry Fourth of July!

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